About Us

Located in Alberta’s Capital Region, Quantum is in the heart of oil and gas exploration and expansion, making the opportunities for growth bountiful. Additionally, we serve many other industries increasing efficiency, safety, process improvement, and productivity.

Quantum Design and Technologies Inc. is a “conception to completion” design company, which also provides value-added fabrication and manufacturing services to companies, primarily in the oil and gas sector.

Quantum has 30 years collective experience in the industrial product design and production sector. Corporate expertise extends outwards to mechanical, electrical, software and application services. The company has a proven track record of providing superior products and services to leading oil and gas companies at fast turnaround rates.

Utilizing state of the art equipment and cutting edge principles, Quantum brings ideas to life. Their unique interactive approach to project management allows the ability to not only engage clients in all stages of product development, but also in turn optimize the product while in development with input of all stakeholders and its team of experts. Quantum transforms their clients’ ideas into life in a high quality, timely, cost effective manner.

Quantum provides process and product improvement and enhancement services to simultaneously optimize existing products, their efficiency, and provide cost effective solutions.

Company History

Partners Nick Bihun and Serge Arabsky founded the predecessor to Quantum Design and Technologies Inc., Rapid Design Group Inc., in 2010. By remaining customer-focused and committed to quality, Rapid Design saw tremendous growth over three years in all of their business units. The partners grew the business from the ground up, to a point where it made sense to divide the company into separate entities to ensure continued growth; enabling both business areas to reach their full potential. In 2013, Rapid Designs’ engineering design, consulting, project management, welding, fabrication and manufacturing services were split off to form Quantum.

Strengths and Core Competencies

Quantum takes pride in providing innovative and efficient solutions for every project, while always supporting and standing behind everything they do. Quantum has developed a broad client base and a great reputation for doing high quality work under tight timelines. This reputation is driving new projects and opportunities from existing and new clients. Quantum has always been able to take even the simplest of projects and make it better and/or more cost effective; because of this, they have been able to have a competitive edge on almost every project.