Prototype Development

Using client-centered investigative techniques, Quantum provides a variety of prototyping solutions. Prototypes are perfect for form, fit, and function testing; practical use of the designed equipment; and sales demonstrations. Having a prototype developed quickly enables our clients to work with us to create a solution to their problem that can be tested and adjusted before a final product is made.
Prototype development

Custom Prototype Manufacturing

Quantum can take your idea or drawings and make a functional unit so you can test, demonstrate or to help sell your product. We specialize in design for manufacturing, so we can often spot manufacturing issues before production and suggest/ make changes before the product is made to make it more cost-effective and/or more functional.

Rapid Prototyping

Although this is a bit of an industry catchphrase, we still believe in the importance in generating a prototype quickly in order to have a proof of concept. Our prototyping process enables us to quickly manufacture your prototype.


Industrial Product Design

Industrial product design means we can develop industrial grade products that can be created just once or mass produced.

Heavy-Duty industrial equipment is one of our core competencies. Items that can handle millions of lbs. or tens of thousands of PSI, we can build that for you. Usually, this is low volume items that are specialized equipment, but we are not limited to that.

Custom Tools and Equipment

Custom Tools and Custom Equipment

Developing a custom tool or some custom equipment is one of our specialties. The design and manufacturing of a custom tool or piece of equipment can drastically improve efficiency, functionality, cost and/or marketability; revolutionizing the industry with fit-for-purpose technology.

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When it comes to prototypes, we're always excited to get on a call and discuss your needs. By the end of the call we can give you some recommendations and next steps.

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