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About Quantum FracBalls

Hydraulic Fracturing Balls, simply known as “frac balls.” These balls are spherical-shaped devices that are utilised during the process of hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as “fracing,” is a technique that involves creating small cracks or fractures deep in the ground. These fractures enable oil and gas to flow to the surface, where it is collected and processed for future use. Among the tools used in the fracturing process, frac balls are pumped into the well in order to activate various devices. Specifically, the frac balls are designed to activate tools as well as to isolate portions of a well during multi-stage fracturing operations. These two processes allow for the accumulation of pressure in a specific area, thereby enabling fracturing in a target section of the well.

Size Matters. That’s why our Frac Balls are available in ANY SIZE.

Available in various increments, our frac balls range in size from 0.750” to 3.875.” During each stage of the fracturing process, frac balls of increasing increments are pumped into the well in order to create multiple fractures. When placed into sliding sleeves, each ball exerts pressure at the end of the sleeves, causing the sleeves to open and allow fluid to flow from the liner into the formation. This technique not only increases the speed and efficiency of the fracturing operation, but it also reduces cost by activating multiple fractures within a single area.

Consistency • Reliability • Low Specific Gravity
Minimal Interference • Easy Mill Ability


The technology involved in manufacturing these balls serves two major purposes:

  • Durability – the balls must exhibit sufficient durability to withstand extremely high temperature and pressure conditions in the ground.
  • Specific Gravity – each ball must be light enough for flowback following its use.
  • Dissolvable – Available in metal or plastic, we have a dissolvable for your application.

Recent Frac Ball Technology involves the creation of hybrid blends.


While the materials comprising frac balls are typically plastics, such as G10 or nylon, some of the newer balls also contain other compounds. As a result, the most recent frac ball technology entails the creation of hybrid blends, including the combination of plastic with other elements, such as metals, nylons and carbons. We can also custom blend you a metal dissolvable to your application. Slow or fast strong or weak.

Unlike major competitors, who only offer frac balls in 1/8” or ¼” increments, our balls are available in ANY increments or size, enabling a greater utilization of well space and thus enhancing productivity.

We strongly believe that with the rapid pace of technological progress as well as the increasing diversity of applications, the future of this product involves working closely with clients to continually develop unique ball technologies.


We develop all of the materials ourselves, which enables us to meet the requirements of many diverse applications. Our testing facility is designed to ensure quality and innovative technology. Some of the processes that we use include 100% dimensional inspection, ASTM testing, roundness inspections and full traceability. The material scientists in our in-house facility are focused on continual technological and process improvement as well as superior quality.

We offer custom material solutions to fulfill the requirements of virtually any application. During this process, customers can work with one of our consultants to create their own frac ball. As a result, each customer not only receives a unique product but also an exclusive right to the technology involved in developing the product. This unique relationship provides each of our clients with a competitive advantage, demonstrating that Quantum Design and Technology not only manufactures hydraulic fracturing balls but also provides the technology involved in creating this product.

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