Pressure Testing Work Cell

Nick Bihun Shop Equipment

Pressure testing work cell designed and built for Trican. Able to pressure test up to 8 down hole tools at a time, up to 15,000 psi. Operates 4x faster than the process it replaced, and with half as many personnel.

Pipe Handling Equipment

Quantum Shop Equipment

Part Number: MAS13001 Pipe Handling Equipment is a material handling system to feed machines for machining of pipe. Possible options could include: Size Configuration Built to suit your application Drawing available upon request.

A-Frame Tool Stand

Quantum Shop Equipment

Part Number: HBN12057 Frame Tool Stand is used for various storage and other shop uses. Possible options could include: Paint Size Load rating Drawing available upon request.

H-Style Tool Stands

Quantum Shop Equipment

H-Style Tool Stand - Storage - Shop Tools - Quantum Design
Part Number: HBN12025 H-Style Tool Stands are used for storage/positioning of tools or material Possible options could include: Paint Spacing Size Load capacity Drawing available upon request.


Quantum Shop Equipment

Mezzanine - Shop Solutions - Quantum Design
Part Number: REP12016 Mezzanine is used to create more storage/work areas in shops. Made to fit your space and load needs Possible options could include: Paint Space Size Load rating Storage Collapsible Stairs Ladders Lighting Railings Drawing available upon request.